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Pioneering lymphatic targeting to address the limitations of current oncology therapies.

at Propella

Propella deploys a novel platform that combines medicinal chemistry with lymphatic targeting to create first- or best-in-class oncology drug candidates that have proven mechanisms of action (MOAs) against validated biological targets. Lymphatic targeting enables therapies to be delivered in high concentrations to targeted tissues via the lymphatic system while bypassing first-pass liver effects and high plasma exposures. This approach provides increased drug exposures to tissues of interest including lymph nodes and bone metastatic sites, resulting in increased pharmacological activity, reduced liver effects, and an improved safety margin. The company’s lead drug candidate, PRL-02 (abiraterone decanoate), is a potential best-in-class, selective CYP17 lyase inhibitor and as such, androgen receptor (AR) pathway-directed therapy for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.


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“Propella” comes from the combination of “propel”, to drive, push and cause forward or upward motion, and “Capella”, a first magnitude star used in navigation. Capella consists of a primary pair of stars, which enhance, illuminate and strengthen each other, ultimately appearing as one.